Older people are in need of drugs because of their illnesses. Many of their diseases are chronic. This means they need to buy medicine all the time. Unfortunately, the cost of the prescription is usually too high. To make matters worse, drugs are increasing in price every day.

Clarence Hogan has a chronic lung disease. His medication supply was only 27$ a month in 2017. Now, he has to buy a minimum of three months and the price has skyrocketed to 345$ for these three months. He tells us horror stories of people crying in the prescription lines. They are crying because they cannot afford these prices.

Currently, lowering drug prices in America has always been a debate in politics. Right now, the government is very divided. With these tensions, neither party will budge on their beliefs to show unity within their own party. There are no conversations about drug prices because parties are worried that they might slip up and let the other party win. It is likely Hogan will have to wait for the next election to see any change.

Some ideas about cutting drug costs have been proposed before. They have tried to reduce the cost of drugs for particular people in society. They want to let people who cannot afford medicines find new avenues to buy them. One option is to allow people to buy drugs from other countries because other countries sell them for cheaper.

These proposals are always blocked. There are many drug company allied politicians. Drug companies have helped politicians fund their campaign, and those politicians are strong allies of keeping drugs at a high cost.

All hope is not gone. It seems with the government shutdown, lowering the cost of drugs has become a nice policy for both companies to work on. In the face of a shutdown, the government does not want to look like it is doing nothing. Lowering the cost of drugs becomes a good place where both parties can work on together despite the tension.

The reason for this is because most of the voters in both parties want a decrease in cost for drugs. Many people on both parties have started to talk about decreasing drug prices. Yet, politicians who view this policy as a priority are worried. As the presidential campaign draws near, they think some politicians are using the lowering of drug cost as a campaigning tool. Running politicians will have larger priorities but will use the drug costs as a platform position.

Some look towards local politicians to make the changes needed for high drug costs. Sadly, local politicians struggle too. Lawmakers in states and cities are scared of facing big pharmaceutical companies. They look too large and prove too much of a threat.

Many pharmaceutical companies defend their high prices with rising costs with insurance companies and wages. They are saying the whole system of creating a drug is getting more expensive. Many people do not believe them and think they are only concerned about making profits.