Some drugs are legal in the United States that we aren’t sure should be, and that includes the kratom drug. Kratom is a popular drug to take to help those who are trying to wean off of other drugs like heroin or prescription opioids.

Having a proper use doesn’t mean a drug is safe though, as we should know when it comes to the opioid epidemic that the United States has been facing for the last decade or so. Kratom grows in Southeast Asia and Africa. It has ban banned in some countries but is constantly smuggled.

Usually, the United States is pretty on par with the rest of the world when it comes to banning drugs, but for this one, they seemed to think that the benefits outweighed the risks.

People end up using kratom because it is fairly easy to obtain and can help them with their pain problems. Kratom can even be purchased as a tea to drink in public, and many people don’t know the risk they are taking as they drink it since it is considered okay to do so. People thought that about cocaine when they chewed the coca leaves too, didn’t they?

Apparently, kratom is only categorized as a dietary supplement in the United States which is insane since the Food and Drug Administration said it can cause all sorts of health issues and even cause withdrawal symptoms. The argument is that caffeine can do that as well.

Drug overdose deaths that involve kratom have gone up quite a bit in recent years, including phone calls to poison control about kratom. The rise has been pretty extreme for a short amount of time.

People tend to think that just because kratom is “natural” (many drugs are) that it is okay to take. That’s not true, especially if you take it along with other drugs like opioids. It’s risky and addictive and generally not safe to consume a lot of. Anything that can cause addiction should be monitored.

Yes, it can seem like it’s no worse than caffeine, but that truly isn’t the case. Caffeine doesn’t cause an overdose or make you more likely to find death when mixed with other drugs.

Too often we overlook the obvious problems because the label slapped on something implies that it is okay. Before using a substance do your own research and figure it out yourself.