All across America, medical marijuana or weed has started to become legalized. Ohio is the latest state to sell medical marijuana. There will be at least four dispensaries. They will open for patients in need of marijuana for their illnesses.

There will be two that open near Steubenville. Another will open in Canton. The last confirmed opening will happen in Sandusky. All four dispensaries will only sell marijuana in the form of a bud. Ohio still has not given certifications to marijuana processors to use THC in some of the other common forms that marijuana can be taken.

Only people with an Ohio state ID can buy weed in Ohio. There are 21 qualifying conditions. As long as an Ohioan has one of those conditions and a physician recommendation, they can legally buy from these dispensaries. As long as you are from Ohio, medical marijuana will become a good alternative for many disease symptoms.

Over 4,000 people have applied and registered. Citizens highly demand medical weed in Ohio.

John Kasich was the governor who signed the bill in 2016. This bill would legalize medical weed throughout the state. It has taken two years for the law to reach this stage finally. Right now, Ohio has joined 33 states that have legalized medical weed.

Ohio has approved a detailed and well thought out medical weed program. There has been a lot of planning. There will also be steps put into place to make sure the drug is used as a medical drug. Just buying it for fun is still hard.

One of the big anticipations of medical weed is the profit. Maryland, another state which has recently legalized, reported their sales reached $96.3 million in the first year only. Ohio was supposed to start selling medical marijuana in September. However, they are three months late.

Ohio will not control the prices of medical weed. Their system could see weed’s prices increase. There are hope profits will be huge.

The first opening day is going to be a challenge. There are a lot of expectations that a lot of people will show up to buy this new legal product. Three of the dispensaries have said they are going to try and limit how much people can buy at first. They do not want to run out. The limit is intended to allow everyone to have a fair chance of buying what they need.

Since the weather will be cold, the dispensaries have prepared heated tents for the long lines they are expecting. Some of them will even serve coffee and hot cocoa.

A doctor will need a few qualifications before they can recommend weed as medicine to buy. Doctors need to take a training course and then apply for certification that allows them to prescribe marijuana. The training course is two hours long. It can be done online or in person. They can apply for accreditation from the Ohio Medical Board.