STEM Funders Network:

​The STEM Funders Network (SFN) brings together grantmakers working in STEM to learn from one another, leverage their collective resources and collaborate on high-impact projects they could not undertake alone. The vision of the STEM Funders Network is that all U.S. students should have equal opportunity to engage in high-quality STEM learning experiences that will enhance their ability to succeed in a STEM career or other chosen path.

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​The STEM Ecosystem Initiative:

​We believe every young person should have access to a rich ecosystem of connected learning opportunities, in and out-of-school.

Rigorous, effective preK-16 instruction in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) and learning beyond the classroom—in afterschool and summer programs, at home, in science centers, libraries and other places both virtual and physical—sparks young people's engagement, develops their knowledge, strengthens their persistence and nurtures their sense of identity and belonging in the STEM disciplines.

Yet socioeconomic, linguistic, racial/ethnic, gender and other barriers too often prevent young people from accessing learning opportunities across all these settings. And boundaries persist between formal and informal sectors, separating educators who have much to learn from each other and preventing young people and their families from linking isolated learning experiences into a pathway toward mastery and careers. 

​Austin is one of 27 cities nationally...the work is just beginning...we want to build out the infrastructure of the ecosystem--in other words, build strong "connective tissue" between and among the many robust STEM learning opportunities and organizations already working in the Greater Austin Area.

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Presentation on SFN Initiative:

Below is a presentation that Gerald Soloman, with the Samueli Foundation, gave last winter in Austin on the STEM Funder's Initiative,  and what he's seeing as he travels the country looking at local STEM ecosystems.

Co-Investor Virtual Meeting Presentation - April 17, 2015​​

STEM Ecosystem


The mission of the KDK-Harman Foundation is to break the cycle of poverty

through education while promoting a culture of giving excellence. 

Greater Austin STEM Ecosystem

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