The KDK-Harman Foundation began its Summer STEM Grant Program in 2011 with a goal of combating summer learning loss in economically disadvantaged children in Central Texas. The Summer STEM Grant Program also aimed to provide opportunities for students to engage in STEM practices and activities to lay the groundwork for building a STEM worker pipeline. Central Texas’ demand for STEM workers far exceeds the supply. 

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2015 Summer STEM Learning Report

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2014 Summer STEM Learning Report 

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2014 Summer STEM Learning Report

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2013 Summer STEM Learning Report

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Summer STEM Programs Presentations (Pecha Kucha)

    - Lonny Stern, Skillpoint Alliance

    - Mary Miller, UTeach

    - Desiree Morales, AISD STAARburst

2014 Summer STEM Learning Report Presentation

Lauren Whitehead

Logic Models Workshop Presentation

Mary Riggs

2015 Summer STEM RFP Presentation

Melanie Moore

Out of school Time Learning

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2016 Summer STEM RFP:​ 

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​​2016 Summer STEM Online Grant Application

(Application Deadline: December 21, 2015 at 5:00 pm)​​

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Summer STEM Logic Model Template

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Logic Model Progress Status Template

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​Summer STEM Budget Sheet Template

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Summer STEM Funders Collaborative FAQ

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2016 Summer STEM RFP Kickoff

Summer STEM Learning Reports

Presentations from 2016 Summer STEM RFP event:

Summer STEM Programs Presentations (Pecha Kucha)

    - Jose Mejia, AISD EMVT

    - Kelsey Navis, Hill Country Science Mill

    - Robert Deckard, Akins High School STEMbridge

    - Ben Kramer, KLRU

Greater Austin STEM Ecosystem Presentation

Melanie Moore

Logic Models Workshop PowerPoint Presentation

Marisa Zappone, Mission Capital

Link to video of Logic Model Workshop (Part 1)

Link to video of Logic Model Workshop (Part 2)

2016 Summer STEM RFP PowerPoint Presentation

Melanie Moore

Link to video of RFP presentation


Summer STEM Funder Collaborative

The mission of the KDK-Harman Foundation is to break the cycle of poverty

through education while promoting a culture of giving excellence. 

The Texas Out of School Landscape

(Presented by Molly Clayton, Executive Director of TXPOST, to the Expanded Learning Opportunities (ELO) Counsel

A Coordinated Approach to Out-of-School Time