Most businesses are in the red due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet, medical marijuana sales are greener than ever. Despite the outbreak, dispensaries continue to have longer queues and wait in lines.

Raul Molina runs the Mint Dispensary in Tempe, AZ. According to him, 20 April is National Cannabis Day. It brings a significant boost to medical marijuana sales, especially in Arizona.

The data for April sales have not rolled in. But, dispensaries sold 17,000 pounds of marijuana in March, according to the Arizona DHS. This is way more than the February figures, and April will only bring about a more significant increase in sales.

Medical marijuana salesman Raul Molina likened the sales of the first two weeks to people buying toilet paper at Costco. “Everybody came in trying to pick up as much as they could.”, said Molina.

Since the first reported case in the United States, Mint Dispensary has seen 50% more weed sales. Raul believes it is similar throughout Arizona.

┬á“A lot of different dispensaries have had a shortage of product,” Molina said. “That was something we didn’t expect. We thought that Arizona had an ample supply. If there was a spike, if recreation happened or something like that, we were gonna be able to handle it.”

Gov. Doug Ducey declared medical marijuana an essential business. This paved the way for Mint and other dispensaries in Arizona.

marijuana buds.

Molina and his team try to encourage social distancing, making people stand 6 feet apart.

The massive sales volume shows a good sign for the times to come. “Taking that giant step forward where it’s recognized as an essential product during these times is beneficial to the discussion,” said Dimitri Downing, head of the Marijuana Industry Trade Association, or MITA.

Efforts are being made to legalize recreational marijuana in Arizona. The group, which is overseeing this, claims it has enough signatures to hold a ballot. Experts suggest that the current economic scenario may actually favor the movement.

The business increased thousands of jobs after becoming an essential business.

Dispensaries are happy to provide medical marijuana to those who need it. In these challenging times, they take care of people, while also staying in the green.