“There have been a lot of huge busts around the Mexican and United States Borders. These busts have contained record amounts of drugs lately including heroin and fentanyl an even cocaine. These drugs are peddled over the border to infiltrate our streets. They want to make money by selling drugs in our country instead of theirs,” – Tony Estrada, the Santa Cruz County sheriff.


On January 26th Customs and Borders Agents discovered more than just the alleged cucumbers they expected when inspecting a truck. Instead, they uncovered more than 250 pounds of fentanyl trying to be smuggled into the United States.


Fentanyl is a powerful opiate that is medically used to alleviate severe pains. It is reported to be 50-100 times stronger than morphine and 20-50 times stronger than heroin. It’ a very deadly drug that has led many people down the path of either addiction or overdose.


The state of Arizona obviously did not need this dangerous drug to cross their border. There have been tons of people who have overdosed from Fentanyl, and it is not a drug you should ever consider trying for fun. Because unfortunately, people get addicted, and it’s not a joke trying to overcome a Fentanyl abuse.


It can feel good to know that a community has been saved from an influx of a dangerous drug. Fentanyl is often laced in with many other drugs to bulk up the products for dealers. When that happens, addicts are not usually told that there is fentanyl mixed in. This leads to accidental drug overdose because even a tiny bit of fentanyl can lead to a strong high.


People who have never had fentanyl can overdose from the first dose. This is why fentanyl is very demonized in the media because it is scary even for addicts if they don’t know they’ve taken it.

Even though there have been so many drug busts lately that doesn’t really change how much drugs are affecting our country. Sadly as long as people are using there will be a demand for these drugs and they will find their way to the customer.


Fentanyl and other synthetic opioids are considered to be the most dangerous and lethal category of opiates in the United States. This is mainly due to that tactic mentioned above of mixing fentanyl with other drugs and not telling the people they are selling to.


In 2018 all the tactical forces in San Luis started carrying Narcan. Narcan is the brand version of naloxone which is a drug that can actually reverse the effects of an opioid overdose. This can ultimately save lives because there is a limited window to save a life once there has been an opioid overdose because it stops breathing and hearts.


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